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Criteria for the notification of a major accident to the Commission as provided for in Article 18(1)

I. Any major accident covered by paragraph 1 or having at least one of the consequences described in paragraphs 2, 3, 4 and 5 must be notified to the Commission.

1. Dangerous substances involved

Any fire or explosion or accidental discharge of a dangerous substance involving a quantity of at least 5 % of the qualifying quantity laid down in Column 3 of Part 1 or in Column 3 of Part 2 of Annex I.

2. Injury to persons and damage to real estate:

(a) a death;

(b) six persons injured within the establishment and hospitalised for at least 24 hours;

(c) one person outside the establishment hospitalised for at least 24 hours;

(d) dwelling(s) outside the establishment damaged and unusable as a result of the accident;

(e) the evacuation or confinement of persons for more than 2 hours (persons × hours): the value is at least 500;

(f) the interruption of drinking water, electricity, gas or telephone services for more than 2 hours (persons × hours): the value is at least 1000.

3. Immediate damage to the environment:

(a) permanent or long-term damage to terrestrial habitats:

(i) 0,5 ha or more of a habitat of environmental or conservation importance protected by legislation;

(ii) 10 or more hectares of more widespread habitat, including agricultural land;

(b) significant or long-term damage to freshwater and marine habitats:

(i) 10 km or more of river or canal;

(ii) 1 ha or more of a lake or pond;

(iii) 2 ha or more of delta;

(iv) 2 ha or more of a coastline or open sea;

(c) significant damage to an aquifer or underground water:

1 ha or more.

4. Damage to property:

(a) damage to property in the establishment: at least EUR 2000000;

(b) damage to property outside the establishment: at least EUR 500000.

5. Cross-border damage

Any major accident directly involving a dangerous substance giving rise to effects outside the territory of the Member State concerned.

II. Accidents or "near misses" which Member States regard as being of particular technical interest for preventing major accidents and limiting their consequences and which do not meet the quantitative criteria above should be notified to the Commission.

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