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The monumental princely Książ Castle is the largest castle in Lower Silesia and the third largest in Poland (after Malbork and the Wawel Royal Castle). It is one of the most famous and most frequently visited castles in Poland. Built in 1288-1292 by Prince Bolko the Strict, it was his headquarter and an important part of the fortifications of the Principality of Świdnica. Over the ages the ownership of the castle frequently changed, as did its appearance. The Hochberg family, who owned the castle for over 400 years, had the greatest influence on its character.

The castle was rebuilt several times; the last time was 100 years ago. Maximilian's Hall, Chinese Lounge, Italian Lounge, Green Lounge and Hunter's Hall are among the most beautiful and impressive interiors. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens; there is also a palm house nearby, with about 100 species of plants from four continents.

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