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Communication with Society

Through its activities, the Institute has a real impact on the decisions of people responsible for occupational safety and health in enterprises. This is achieved by way of cooperation with media and information agencies, production of films and other activities that promote knowledge on occupational safety, such as, competitions, conferences and training seminars.

The Institute periodically organises two competitions:

  • National Competition for the Improvement of Working Conditions - to appoint and promote good research studies or organisational and technical solutions aiming to improve working conditions, occupational safety and to protect the human

  • Occupational Safety Poster Competition - to obtain original, contemporary in form, posters promoting occupational safety and health issues - read more ....

The Safe Work Leaders' Forum is based at the Institute. It was created to build partnership contacts with enterprises that have implemented the achievements of science and technology in the field of designing working conditions according to the requirements of Polish and European legislation.

The Library of the Institute which is publicly accessible (also through the Internet) offers Polish and foreign publications in the field of occupational safety, ergonomics and health protection, environment engineering, ecology, chemical and physical hazards, safety engineering, personal protective equipment, occupational medicine, labour law and social welfare.

Centre for Promotion
tel. (+48 22) 623 36 84, e-mail: albrz@ciop.pl

Information and Documentation Centre
tel. (+48 22) 623 46 73, e-mail: oinip@ciop.pl

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