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Library - about the Library

CIOP-PIB's specialist library has an extensive collection of books on safety and health protection of man in the working environment. The interdisciplinary nature of the subject means that the library's resources cover almost all areas of science, both human and technical science, and also an extensive collection of books of  universal nature - dictionaries, encyclopaedias, lexicons and guidebooks

The Library collects specialist material in the following areas:
  • Safety and health of man in the working environment,
  • Ergonomics, psychology and sociology of work,
  • Occupational medicine, psychology and hygiene,
  • Social aid and insurance,
  • Physics, chemistry and environmental hazards,
  • Personal and collective protection equipment,
  • Environmental engineering, safety engineering and techniques.

The Library's collection of books includes:
  • Approximately 30.000 volumes of bound publications (book and information materials),
  • Approximately 300 scientific and popular-science journals, including 85 titles of specialist foreign journals,
  • 4000 volumes of research and development work (unpublished, reference only).

The Library's collections are supplemented on an ongoing basis with new publications, selected according to the accepted scope of subjects and the needs of readers. Approximately 50 new items enter the library each month, and are registered in an integrated ALEPH library system as "Purchases". The library also has archive publications of historical significance from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. The subjects of these publications include: psychology, physiology, medicine, chemistry, toxicolog, occupational safety (archive publications). The library subscribes regularly to more than 300 magazines, including more than 80 titles of specialist foreign magazines. The current list of titles, registered in the ALEPH system, is additionally grouped on the lists: "Polish  magazines" and "Foreign magazines". The users of the library are readers who are looking for information both for scientific and research purposes and for practical applications, including employers and employees, OSH services, Postgraduate Students and participants of periodic training, organised by the Institute, students and pupils. The library undertakes to expand the possibilities of access to the resources using the Internet, including the systematic retroconversion of data into the ALEPH system and expansion of the logical base, including articles from magazines.

Information on publications in the area of occupational safety and ergonomics can also be obtained from other libraries:
  • The National Library
  • Central Library of Labour and Social Security
  • Library of the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine
  • Library of the Institute Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health
  • Library of the Institute Agrocultural Medicine
  • Library of Central Mining Institute
  • Library of the Institute Environmental Protection
  • Warsaw Server - Libraries

Library Manager
Iwona Ruszecka MSc.
e-mail: iwrus@ciop.pl

Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy
ul. Czerniakowska 16
00-701 Warszawa  
e-mail: biblio@ciop.pl

The library is open from Monday to Friday at the hours of  8.30 - 15.30,
2nd floor room  225.

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