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Depending on its intensity, noise - ever present in human's working and living environment - is considered either strenuous or harmful. It can lead to occupational hearing impairment (a permanent, incurable disability) that accounts for one third of all occupational diseases. Moreover, since it affects the nervous and cardiovascular systems, it can make work more difficult, be a risk and stress factor and it can contribute to the development of various diseases.

The Institute's activities:

  • evaluation of occupational risk related to exposure to noise
  • evaluation of noise emission of machinery and devices
  • development of noise reduction methods and guidelines
  • development of modern noise reduction systems, including active systems
  • testing and conformity assessment of hearing protectors
  • computer-aided selection appropriate hearing protectors for given noise parameters
  • development of auditory danger signals
  • testing and assessment of sound insulation performance of industrial cabins

Department of Vibroacustic Hazards
phone: (+48 22) 623 32 98,
e-mail: daple@ciop.pl, wimik@ciop.pl

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