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"Bezpieczeństwo Pracy" - A monthly (Occupational Safety)

”Occupational Safety – Science and Practice” – a monthly – has been published since 1971. It presents scientific background of solutions related to occupational safety and health. It is an interdisciplinary journal, aiming at popularization of technical, medical, biological, chemical and social sciences. “Occupational Safety” primarily familiarizes the following issues: human psychophysical capabilities in the working environment, basic hazards and their consequences that threaten workers’ health and life, ways of reducing those hazards to minimum or preventing them altogether, legal and economic aspects of labor protection.
“Occupational Safety” disseminates the results of research conducted at the Central Institute for Labor Protection – National Research Institute and at leading Polish and foreign research centers. It disseminates information on practical solutions, too. It carries information on Polish and international seminars, conferences and fairs devoted to safety and the protection of human in the working environment.
“Occupational Safety” reaches research institutes, universities, laboratories, design offices, occupational healthcare personnel, occupational safety personnel, employers and employees.

It is edited by:
Kamil P. Jach  (Editor in chief),  e-mail: kajac@ciop.pl
Elżbieta Mauer
Michalina Kondej-Matarewicz

editorial committee:
Wiktor M. Zawieska - (chairperson),
Danuta Augustyńska, Józef Gierasimiuk,
Maria Konarska, Halina Puchalska.

Conditions of the material publishing:
  • The texts sent should not exceed 9 typed pages, format A4, double space with 3-cm margin.
  • The article should be sent in Polish, abstract is needed in both Polish and English.
  • The editorial staff claims the right to shorten the article, change the title, to assign the headline in accordance to the topic and to input necessary language corrections.

Conditions of the subscription:
  • Annual, semi-annual or quarterly subscription is available.
  • In Poland the price is respectively: 120.00, 60.00 or 30.00 and in other countries - 100% more.

Payments can be made through RUCH S.A., KOLPORTER S.A., GARMOND PRESS S.A. and Poczta Polska S.A.

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